If you are interested in being commissioned to write or contribute artwork to Gusher, please read our submission guidelines below.

Submission Guidelines



We are primarily after original, longform rock criticism and feature writing.

We'd happily receive pitches for profiles or other interviews with unique or culturally significant artists or people in the music industry; personal essays, investigations into rock subcultures; personal essays, satire; photojournalism... pretty much anything clever, engaging and original!

Pitch tips
★ Casual, well-written explanation of what you would like to write about and in what style
★ Provide examples of previous, relevant work
★ It is important that whatever you write has a unique angle or fresh perspective
★ We are looking for content that stands the test of time. Please keep this in mind when submitting.
★ Note that content in Gusher is not exclusively about female artists
★ Please include a link to your portfolio, blog or Twitter

Send submissions to Juliette and Isabella at


Gusher features illustration, collage, photography, painting and other artworks, both alongside written content and, where relevant, as full feature spreads. 

If you are an artist interested in being commissioned for a specific piece OR would like to contribute other work to Gusher, please send Juliette an email at with a link to your portfolio and Instagram, or attach your best, most relevant work. 

Please look at previous issues of Gusher and visit our Instagram @gushermagazine to gain an understanding of our aesthetic.